MEC develop several programs and activities to achieve its vision and mission, as follows:

Expand the cooperation network through national and global forum
  • Build more effective ecosystem/techno-industrial cluster
  • Yielding a more effective ecosystem/techno-industrial cluster
  • Activities :
    • Research Collaboration with International and Nation Academic Institution and Companies
    • Organizing and or involved in International and National Conferences
    • Part of government program in developing regulation and policy
    • Engage in various activities with professional engineering society, such as IEEE SSCS,IEEE EDS, IEEE CAS and Indonesia Engineering Association (PII)
Provide training and accumulate expertise
  • Develop high quality and expert human resources on electronics field
  • Development of human resources with electronics industry-entrepreneurship
  • Activities:
    • Organizing training
    • Become keynote and invited speaker
    • Providing books and reference material
Carry out research and development (R&D) on electronics based products
  • Develop innovative microelectronics technology products and services
Perform business incubation
  • Incubate electronics technology based start-up companies
  • Organizing business match making
  • Technology based products introduction, potential customer eduction and commercialization
  • Product business model development
  • Product supply chain and demand mapping
  • Involve in National and International Exhibition and Showcase
Inviting experts for local talent expertise enhancement
  • Invite several experts  through national and international collaboration
  • Organizing guest lectures and short training
Under graduate and graduate student supervision
  • Provide supervision for students in the area of MEC expertise
  • Share state of the art facilities in MEC to the students
  • Provide research budget and scholarship to the students
Initiate the establishment of Wafer Fab in Indonesia
  • Preliminary study of wafer fab development in Indonesia
  • Prepare the technology developments and human resources development for Wafer Fab
  • Study the business model and financing scheme of wafer fab developments
  • Short term and long term roadmap of wafer fab in Indonesia
Initiate the establishment of Teaching Factory in Indonesia
  • Working with government and related academic institution to develop Teaching Factory
  • Study the Teaching Factory business model
  • Giving consultancy in Teaching Factory development in campus
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