Wireless System Design

MEC has longterm experience in Wireless System Design. MEC has a comprehensive competency from System Modelling, Implementation, Product Development up to testing. We have a lot of experiences with major wireless standard, including WiMax IEEE 802.16d, IEEE 802.16e, Zigbee as well as LTE. The latest wireless system that we are developing is Visible Light Communication System (VLC). In this technology, MEC has produced Baseband Chipset (WiNusa), Bromo Base Station, Bromo Subscriber Station and LTE Smallcell. We also able to design and test RF Front end.

System on Chip Design (SoC)

MEC has a capability in designing System on Chip (SoC), including System design, RT-OS design and IP Cores. Several IP cores has also been developed by MEC. The implementation can be ASIC or FPGA. We are very strong in optimizing Hardware-Software design for specific application implementation. We have experience in multi core and multi-bus design. We have designed several IP (Intelectual Property). The design flow include design synthesis, analog IP core design and system verification.

Register Transfer Logic Design (RTL)

MEC has a capability of designing logic system using both VHDL/RTL. The design flow is starting from Design Specification, Behaviour Design and Modelling, Design Functional, Gate Level and Timing Simulation, Design for Test and Verification. The design is done for high performance system, such as speed, size and power consumption.

Embedded System Design

HW/SW Design

MEC has capability in designing embedded system for various application. The design can use simple or complex microcontroller. The processor include 8 bit 80851, Arduino, STM 32, ARM based system, Raspberry system and DSP etc. The design covers software and hardware design and implementation. Software implementation may include real-time operating system. The service include PCB design for specific applications.

Payment System

Smartcard, Reader, SAM

MEC has a strong capability and experience in designing payment system. It include smartcard , Secure Access Module (SAM) and Reader Programming, mobile application development, Key Management System (KMS) and Card Management System (CMS).

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