Business Model

MEC is self sustained research center that having their revenue from their products and services. We open collaboration and business with academia, business institution and government. MEC provide products and services to industries and academia with following business model:

Technology Licensing

  • Developed technology and products from R&D activities is licensed to academia or companies. The business model can be royalty or revenue sharing.

Product Development

  • We accept electronics development for third party as a outsourcing.  The business model can be Non Recurrent Engineering Cost (NRE) and or Royalty fee.

Technical Consulting

  • Our researcher and engineer are ready to provide technical consulting based on our expertise.  The business model can be man month or project based.

Products Sales

  • MEC developed mass production level of products.  Other can directly order and buy that products.

Facility Rent

MEC has state of the art research and development facilities. Other can use that facilities or equipments with rent fee.

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