IC Processing Laboratory

IC Processing Laboratory

PRocess Lab

Device and IC Processing Technology Research Group focused on developing technology for analysis, characterization, design, modeling, and fabrication of microelectronic devices, sensors, and integrated circuits in micro and nano scale. In supporting the development of local electronics industry, this group is involved in the construction of Indonesian wafer fab with a production capacity of CMOS technology-based chips to supply the needs of the domestic chips for smartcard applications. This group also aimed in promoting IC and semiconductor fabrication technology to local human resources required by future electronics industry.


Nowadays microelectronics components are part of our daily life. We study and develop solid state devices and micro/nanoelectronics technology as well to prepare capable resources for microelectronics industries.


We provide education and research into chip fabrication technologies which include design, fabrication and characterizations. We also utilized multidiscipline knowledge to improve our understanding in solid state science and technology


“Toward Developing Wafer Fab.”

We believe that to develop electronics industry in Indonesia, we need to have our own foundry. We focus our resource to develop technology for this wafer fab development.
Dr. Ir. Irman Idris, M.Eng.
Dr. Ir. Basuki Rahmatul Alam
Dr. M. Amin Sulthoni, S.T., M.T.
Dr. Yusuf Kurniawan, S.T., M.T.
Almira Diva Elvayandri, S.Si, MT.
Akhmadi Surawijaya, S.T., M.Eng.
Dewi Nurasiyah

Flash Memory Device

By using Technology Computer Aided Design, we study and design non volatile memory devices based on floating gate and SONOS technology.

Photonic Device

One of our research is about micro/nanophotonic devices. We study photonic properties of nanostructure semiconductor such as nanowire to design photodetector or solar cells by using FTDT simulations.

Solid State Sensor

One of our main competency is in the design of solid state sensors such as temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. We also designed 3D gyroscope by using MEMS technology.

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CMOS Technology

We fully capable in research and designing CMOS technologies based on Silicon technology. Our competency ranging from both NMOS, PMOS and bipolar technology.

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The IC processing Technology Research Groups has competencies in almost every aspect of Silicon and other semiconductor fabrication processing technology: material and device physics, simulation, and fabrication process both in micro and nano scale; physics and simulation of novel quantum devices, growth and preparation nano material. The group also capable of developing fabrication process for several CMOS-based IC manufacturing technology.

Research Topics

  • Quantum and novel electronics devices design and modeling
  • Silicon nanowire fabrication and application in electronics
  • Electronics application of nano material
  • MEMS-based sensor devices
  • CMOS technology and processing


  • Dr.Muhammad Amin Sulthoni, ST.,MT.
  • Akhmadi Surawijaya ST. M.Eng

  • Gilang Mardian Kartiwa S.Si


We apply our technology to develop several applications such as sensors, radio sonde, precision farming etc.

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