Manufacturing Laboratory

Electronics Manufacturing Lab

Manufacture Lab

This laboratory was formed with the aim to help local electronic industries to master the technology, to improve the human resource competency and also to develop the local industries to produce electronic manufacturing equipments in the long term. The specific technology that has been developed covers IC-packaging, multilayer PCB, and electronic assembly. This research group has successfully establish a teaching factory in the state Polytechnics Batam. There are a number of specific advance research topics to be pursued in near future include: advanced IC packaging, and HDI (High Density Interconnect ) PCB and electronic board assembly. We are also aiming at developing electronic manufacturing technology with compliance with space and military specifications.Studies and develops technology for electronics manufactures. It include multilayer PCB development, PCB assembly, PCB inspection and test.

“Turning Lab Prototype in to massproduction is our objective.”

In order to produce highly competitive and reliable products require many challenge in manufacturing. We focus on process manufacturing optimization and equipment development.
Ihsan Hariadi
Laboratory Head

PCB Development

We develop technology for PCB development and process optimization.

PCB Assembly

We develop for PCB assembly and process optimization.

PCB Inspection

We develop for PCB inspection system to increase the quality of electronics system manufacturing.


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The research group also has program to give competency training with certification in a number of topics which include the basic technology, equipments, and quality control aspects (e.g. Statistics Process Control/Six-sigma, Design of Experiments)

Research Topics

Currently, this research group is conducting process development for manufacturing low cost microcobtroller boards, including Arduino and ARM-based microcontroller boards. Apart from this, this research group is also developing pritotypes if CNC based PCB milling machines, Chip-Mounter (Pick and Place) and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) for education laboratories


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