Visible Light Communication (VLC)

Topics : Visible Light Communication


In this research we design both Digital Baseband and Analog Front End System on Chip for visible light communication (VLC).  For the modulation, we support both digital modulation and analog modulation using OFDM technology. Several FPGA based prototype has been developed. The prototype shows that the system can communicate through light for getting internet access (LiFi). Advantage of VLC system:

  • Utilizing unlicensed band
  • High speed upto 10 GBps
  • Utilizing current LED based lighting as infrastructure
  • No RF radiation (Safe)

Real Time Video Streaming Access

This demo shows our system can access youtube in real-time. The VLC system use digital modulation scheme. The distance can reach 110 cm. System support internet access for browsing. The transmitter and receiver is implemented using SoC technology.  Implementation is done in FPGA using Zync.


Analog Front End Design with Ambient Light Compensator

This demo shows, our proposed Analog Front End (AFE) design can compensate the ambient light. The system also has a feature of Non Line of Sight lighting, Noise Filtering, and high mobility receiver. Running text shows received data stream.

OFDM Constellation Test

This video shows the received constellation diagram of proposed AFE design.  The demo also shows the influence of mobility of constellation diagram in VLC system. The experiment done for BPSK, QPSK and 64QAM.

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